Sunday, 21 June 2009

Chapter 19

After a month later on Saturday ~

Time to visit dad. I jumped out of my bed, I always like going over to dad's. It's disgusting to see mum kiss another guy who wasn't dad. There were times when mum looked a bit sad, as if she was reminiscing the days before with dad. Well that was what I was hoping she was doing. But other times she was happy, which made me happy. Callum is pretty happy as well. Alexander and him get along. I can't help be a bit jealous.

I went to knock on Callum's door.
'Hey, Callum? You awake yet? Come on, We're going over to dad's today!' I called. There was silence for a few minutes and then he came out in his mini boxers. I smirked.
'Ooh who's growing up huh? Wearing boxers already?' Callum blushed and shut the door on me. I ran downstairs. Mum was awake already, so was Cindy. She was reading Vogue as usual. I saw my breakfast on the table, I slipped into a chair and ate. I felt happy today. After breakfast I'll meet up with Austin for a few minutes then come back and go to dad's. Nothing could go wrong, surely?

Callum came down 15 minutes later. Ditto Alexander. He smiled at Callum and nodded at me. Mum cleared her throat. I look up at her.
'What's wrong?' I asked.
'You dad called. He's going to be a bit late today; he's got something to pick up,' mum explained. I nodded. Callum raised his eyebrow.
'What is he picking up?' Mum shrugged.

Hmm what could dad possibly pick up that was so important that hes going to be late? I thought. I didn't let the thought get to me. All I could think about is seeing Austin. His voice broke a few weeks back. Now he sounds like a proper adult. I got up to leave. Mum's questioning eyes followed me.
'I'll be back, just going to pick a school book from Emily,' I said. Before she could say anything else, I darted out the house. Mum still doesn't know about me being with Austin.

He turned around and smiled as he saw me walk towards him. We were at our special place. We always met here. The trees hung over us, the sun shining brightly and the noises of the birds cooing. So peaceful. Austin pulled me into him for a hug.
'How are you?' he asked me.
'Happy. Really happy,' and then I kissed him. The softness of his lips against mine. We kissed for a coupel of minutes then I pulled back.
'What about you?' I asked him.
'Same,' he replied and pulling me into a kiss again. Suddenly, I saw a flash of silver that looked like my dad's familiar car. I pulled back quickly.
'I'd best go, there's dad's car,' I pointed. Austin nodded. I smiled, he understood me so much.
'I love you, bye!' I said as I walked away.
'I love you too!' he shouted back. A shiver of warmness went down my spine. Ugh typical. I still get shivers when he says that.

I doubled the speed of my walking pace. I had to get back before dad gets home. Luckily, I did get there before him. I went upstairs to reapply some lipgloss. Whilst I did, someone horned outside. Dad was here. I looked out to wave at him. He was in the driver's seat. I waved at him madly, but stopped when I saw someone sitting next to him. I just stared at the person.

Who is she?

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