Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Chapter 18

I told him about what my mum said.
It frightened him too.
'So... you want to b-break up?' he asked me, making me feel guilty.
'NOOO!' I was so terrified by the idea, I didn't even notice that I yelled my answer.

He sighed in relief, but I could still see panic in his eyes.
'Then what are we going to do? '
'Easy. We're going to date secretly.' The idea didn't seem so dificult. I was actually secretly dating with him right now.
'Oh,' he sounded unsure.
'What is it?'
'I should have expected such an idea from you,' he told me and we both laughed.
Too bad, this couldn't last forever.
I soon had to go, my mum was going to worry if I'd be late for dinner.
Austin gave me a little kiss on the lips and a big hug. He waved me goodbye and I got my way home.

'Where did you go, honey?'my mum asked me.
'Oh,' it took me a second to think of a lie. 'I went to Emily's house to bring her the blouse I borrowed from her,' yeah.. that was good.
'Fine,' she sounded like she knew I lied.

Dinner passed by quickly. My oh so called "sister" was talking to my mum about some people from her school of hers. Gossip actually. I ate my soup quietly, then cleaned my plate.
I went upstairs, to my room.
I opened my iPod and started to listen to a song. It was 'When she cries' by Britt Nicole.
The lyrics reminded me of what happened before I met Austin.
I started to sing along.
Then I felt like crying, even though I didn't have any reason that should make me cry.
Well there were a few, but they didn't matter to me so much.
I fell asleep quickly, expecting the next day.

A new day..

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