Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chapter 1

I was shocked. Wait not shocked, traumatized. So I've heard about people cheating and being cheated on, but never had I thought for a second that I would be a victim. Maybe he sent it to the wrong person? No, he couldn't have. He'd sent millions before. Maybe it was his ex girlfriend and he still has the email from before? Can not be true at all. The date and time says he sent it at 9:53pm on 24th March. Last night.

So this is probably why he says he has to go all of a sudden. This is why he never stays with me for more than 15 minutes. I shook my head in disgust. I should have known. Suddenly right there and then, I started crying. Let's get this straight - I'm not the type to cry a lot. Not at all. My family was known to be strong and shit. But this got to me, really deep. I started howling like mad, as if a car had ran over my leg. And once I started crying, boy I couldn't stop. My mascara ran all down my cheeks, staining my snow white skin. God, my make up was ruined. I had never in my life felt so worthless. Who did Zack think I was? I'd show him.

I dried my tears and got my mobile. As I scrolled down my contact list, I thought of when I would say.
"How dare you cheat on me?" Hmm... no. That sounds a bit stupid. I found his number and pressed call. It started ringing.
"It's over!" Not that either. I've heard and read that it's not a good idea to dump someone on the phone or online. Before I could think of anything else, he picked up.
'Hey Claudia,' Zack said. Whenever he spoke, my knees turned numb. So how is it that I do not feel that way now?
‘Uhm.. Hi,’ I replied.
‘Is there something wrong babe?,’ he asked. Nothing really, just the fact that I found out that your a lying cheating bastard, which I really wanted to say but I didn’t.
‘Nahh,’ I said instead. Damn I should have told him the truth.
‘So why did you call?’ he asked. There was silence whilst I was trying to think what to say to him. ‘Claudia, you there?’
‘Yeah I am.. Zack could you meet me at the Park please? Usual bench,’ I finally came up with.
‘Oh ok, anything wrong?’
‘Just meet me there in 15 minutes,’ I replied.
‘Alright, I love you,’ he said. He hung up before I could say anything else.
‘Too bad I don’t,’ and I washed my face then got ready.

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