Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 11

I got lost in a pair of deep green eyes. The world just disappeared. All my problems, gone in a vanish. In a click of a finger... Amazing...

'S-s-sorry,' I blubbled, stuttering. I recognized the face as the boy I was eyeing the other day. The brown haired one.
'Huh? Oh.. er.. It's ok. Why are you crying?' he asked, narrowing his eyes. I shook my head. He got the idea.
'Alright, my name's Austin. What's your?' he smiled at me. I tried looking for a tissue from my pocket. He handed me one and I wiped my eyes then blew my nose.
'C-' I coughed,'Claudia.' His face lit up.
'Your Zack's girlfriend right?'
'Uhm.. Not anymore. Why, how do you know him?' Austin's face drooped again.
'Oh. Well he's a friend of mine, not that close but still a friend. Dya want to talk about your problems?' he asked kindly. I thought about it for a minute and nodded.
'Could we go outside? I need fresh air,' I explained.

Soon as we went outside, I told him all about my problems and friends. How dad beat mum. How my friends don't spend time with me anymore. How Zack cheated on me. All the time he nodded and generally understood me.
'Sounds like your life sucks.'
'Pretty much, yeah.'
'Well it'll get better soon. Trust me.'
'Hah, I told my brother that and it got worse. Sometimes I think why don't I just die.' He looked shocked.
'No, don't say tha. Though life really is hard, you should treasure it cause you only get one chance.' I looked at him. Austin sounded serious about that, really open minded he was. I admired that.

By the time we went through all my problens, lunch was over. We said goodbye and I thanked him.
'No problem. Any time you need someone to talk to or just to hang around with, come with me. I don't bite,' he winked and all my insides turned upside down. I smiled at him and he walked away, waving at me. I waved back and sighed. Wow, life just got better. When I walked into science I had a grin on my face. All I could think of was Austin. How magical his voice was. How different he was than others. How understandable. I wish I could say the same for my friends.

But my happiness was not to stay for long. I stepped inside my house and took of my shoes. I went into the living room and SLAP!

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