Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 15

A few days have passed now.
Surprisingly,dad changed.
Fortunatly, in good. Dad realised his problems and tried solving them. First one his list was drinking. He cut down, now he rarely goes out drinking. This week me and Callum are with dad.
At court they decided that we have a week at each parent to make it fair.
I like being with mom, too. Her boyfriend seems a cool guy. But my little step sister is really annoying. I always hoped for a little sister, that would be nice and kind. But nooooo, I had to stick with this spoiled brat named Cindy.

Me and Callum go to the same school we did before the divorce. My friends have tried helping me. They have also noticed that they should have spent time with me and they apologized. Brenda's not with her boyfriend anymore, Emily's relationship isn't so great and Izzy's boyfriend is great. We help each other out more now. Austin and I have become more closer. I knew about his family; he had an older brother, in college and a little sister same age as Callum. His parents were also divorced which was the secret to why he could understand me. My best friends have said that Austin likes me but I'm not so sure. I'm not really that beautiful enough to be his girlfriend or anything.

After school that day, me and Austin were out together. As friends only though. We had been to a cafe and book shop, as he loved books like me. When we stepped out it started to rain. I groaned. Austin grinned.
'What's the matter Claudia? Don't like rain now?'
'Well sort of, I hate getting wet,' I explained. He stepped out onto the road, leaving his bag on the step outside the book shop.
'Ohh c'mon.. It's not that bad! Hey, let's dance!' and he pulled me out. Austin looked amazing. Even with wet hair he looked handsome. We started dancing in the rain.

I stopped and laughed at us being silly. So did he. But then we stopped laughing and just looked at each other.
He took my hand and pulled closer till my lips crushed his. I was the most amazing kiss I ever had. All these fireworks set off in my stomach. Austin's lips were so soft and I just melted into them. We came apart. It was so perfect.
We were made for eachother.

'I love you Austin,' I murmured. He glanced at me.
'I love you too Claudia,' and pulled me in again. Yet this time we kissed for longer. We slowly parted our lips and both our tongues touched. I felt like as if I was flying.
Once again we came apart, he looked at me blushing.
'Erm.. Claudia? Do you.. Uhm.. Do you want to go out?'

I smiled.

I nodded.

I kissed him.

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