Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chapter 4

Next morning, when I woke up I realised that I was going to have to face Zack at school. Knowing him, he probably had another girl wrapped around his finger. As I walked over to Emily's house I thought how weird it would be if all my bff's found a guy and I was the one without one.

'Bye mum! Oh hi Claudia!' Emily called out.
'Hey..' I said, Then Emily started talking about Chris again. Instead I started thinking how my next guy I'm going to have is going to be. Not like Zack. Obviously. Brown hair. Green eyes. Has a good sense of humour. Really does understand me. As I thought of more, I spotted a guy in our school uniform walking to school on the other sid of the street. Hmm.. I never saw him before. Probably new. Tres hot though. Brown messy hair with blonde highlights. Great. He turned around to check if there were any cars around and crossed the road. I saw a flash of his green eyes. Ohhh so perfect. At that moment, we came up to Brenda and Izzy.

'Hey Claudia, in your own world eh?' Izzy smiled.
'Yeah,' I smiled back at her, 'Yoy been up to much this weekend?'
'Not really,' Izzy said, then made a sad face, 'I've got no life,' she laughed.
'Claudia's dumped Zack. The stupid jerk has cheated on her,' Emily explained. Brenda and Izzy gasped.
'Why didn't you tell me when I called you?' Brenda asked. I shrugged.
'Didn want to make you sad I geuss,' I said. She hugged me.
'Aww, Zack doesn't know what he's missing!' Brenda gushed.

Izzy linked arms with me and we walked to class whilst we left the other two talking about their love life. Well you know what? My love life is lame.
But then as we were walking down the corridor, Zack entered with a girl. His arm was wrapped around her waist. He walked past us and whispered something to the girl which made her smirk. Wow, Zack can be so predictable.
'So I geuss we're the only single one left out us bffs huh?' Izzy supposed. I nodded.
'Sadly. Have you your eye on anybody?' I asked.
'Maybe..' she smiled shyly. So I geuss you'll get him in no time then.

Can anything get any worse? Little did I known that I had a hell lot of problems that I was going to have to face..

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