Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 12

A masive hand slapped my cheek, which was blushing from thinking of Austin. I couldn't manage to say anything. Pain ran through all my body. Suddenly I was very scared. I prayed dad wouldn't beat me like he did with mum.
'How could you, young lady?' he screamed at me.
'W-wha-what did I do?' my voice sounded as if I was going to cry.
'You failed the history test! You're making me and your mum ashamed of you! We're not doing anything bad to you! We feed you and spend money on you. And this is our recompense? Bad marks?' his cold voice yelled at me.

I wanted to tell him how bad I was feeling. If it was after me, I wouldn't eat a month if they'd get back together and be a happy family. I would work and get a job if that would resolve the family problems. But I shut my mouth. I knew it wouldn't help at all.
I kept my tears for tonight. I could feel another fight was going to happen.
When I went up the stairs, I herd a crying noise from my brothers room.

'Why are you crying, Callum?' I asked him, while wipping a tear from his cheek.
'Y-you pro-promised', he said, with a breaking voice.
My world went down again. I broke my promise.
I couldn't do anything about it.Oh, I wished I could..
'S-sorry...' , it was all I could say.
'Dad told me he and mom are divorcing' he said. I could feel the saddness in his voice.
'I..I..' , I didn't know what to say.
'It'll be alright, Callum. You don't have to worry about it. ' , I lied again. Why did I have to say that?
I went in my room and jumped in my bed. I wanted to cry.

I did.

Questions were floating in my mind again.
They were all staring with 'why'.
Why can't my mum and dad get along?
Why can't my dad stop being so violent?
Why can't they do this for me and Callum?
Why can't we be a happy family?

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