Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 10

It was breaking me in pieces.
How could they? How could they possibly do such a thing? They didn't knew what damage they've done. They would destory my happiness and my borther's childhood. Now what?
I didn't say anything to her. I climbed up to my bed and closed my eyes. I hoped it was just a dream that would end as soon as I would wake up.
I woke up and went straight to the kitchen.

Nothing changed.
My mum was cooking, looking down and my dad was reading a newspaper. Callum was standing silently on a chair, reading something for school.
I sighed. Last night wasn't a dream.
My dad got up and took his brief case. He pushed me away with anger and slammed the door.
My mum turned around. I saw bruises on her face. She looked at me with sober eyes and told me a simply: 'Good morning, hunny.'
It was too much to bare. Everything around me was breaking. I could see even in Callum's eyes some hidden sadness. Poor innocent child.
I took a shower, washed my face and brushed my teeth. I looked in the mirror.
I looked miserable. How could anyone look at me like that? Now I knew why Zack cheated on me. He tought I was ugly. And the other girl was beautiful. I wated to scream, to make the sorrows go away. But I couldn't.

I didn't take breakfast. I wasn't hungry. I grabbed a pare of jeans and a red t-shirt, then took my bag and went straight to school. On my way I saw Emily, Brenda and Izzy with their boyfriends. Ugh. They waved at me and I waved back. Tho I didn't want to. I wanted to turn around and enter the classroom.
I sat at my place and entered my world.

'Me and your dad..we're going to divorce.'

What was going to happen next? Where was I going to live? Am I going to be separated from Callum? Is dad going to change? Lots of quesions were flying in my head, making me wonder if my life will ever get better.
The geography and english classes passed quickly. I wasn't paying attention at what my teacher was babling about anyway.
At luch time, I set at a table with my friends and their boyfriends. They were talking about the date they had last night.

Last night.
They were having fun while I was trembling of fear.
A silent akward moment came. I started to cry. Tears were falling like they waited this moment for such a long time. I stood up and ran on the corridor.
Suddenly, I bumped into some one. I looked up to see who it was...

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