Sunday, 12 April 2009

Chapter 7

My alarm went off, waking me up. I thought what I went through yesterday was just a dream. That is, til I saw mum. You could easily see she had been crying. Eye red, face swollen and her hair all over the place. I've never seen her like this. Usually my mum was the organised one, really hard to knock down. Yet right now she didn't look that strong at all.
Callum sense there was somethng wrong but he didn't say anything about it. We heard someone race down the stairs. Dad.
'Shit! I'm late for work!'
No sorries to mum, no good morning to me or Callum. Nothing.
We both followed what dad did except for mum who was making him toast. Why was she making him toast when he beat her last night? Was she crazy? Dad made himself tea. When his toast was ready he grabbed it from mum and ran out the door. I was shocked. Why didn't he say goodbye?
I could tell Callum thought the same. Mum shrugged.
'Kids, you both better get to school.' We didn't say anything. Callum got his bag, so did I. When I closed the door I heard a loud choked sob.

As I walked through the school gates, I saw all my best friends with the 'cool' guys. Well them guys were their boyfriends now. I saw Izzy flirting with guy. That was probably her crush. I studied him for a moment. I recognized him as Justin. Hmm... She could have done a lot better. I geuss love is blind. Anyways, Emily waved me over but I shook my head. I didn't want to be the odd one out. Sh smiled at me, turned to Chris and laughed at something he said. Just as I was going inside school, out of the corner of my eye I saw Justin kiss Izzy on the cheek. I'm the only single one left.

The world falls in love when I'm lonely. Oh how ironic.


First period, history. Mr Darcy announced a surprise test. More like barked. We all groaned. Whilst Darcy gave out the test paper, I got a pen out my bag. When I looked up, Zack was staring at me sadly. I smirked. Missing me already huh? Tough luck.
The test began and I got stuck right on the first question. Honestly, I'm good at history. Ok call me boring but yeah. And I got stuck on the first one. It's not my fault. I couldn't concentrate.
'Who won the battle of the christians and the protestants in the 17th century?'
Battled. Reminds me of mum and dad last night.
Her screams.
His slaps.
Her protests begging him to stop.
Him punching harder and shouting at her to shut the hell up.
And you know what's harder? My friends don't care about me. Well I don't care about them. Them and their poxy boyfriends. Who needs a guy to get through life anyway? I don't.

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