Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 16

It's been a while sence me and Austin have been dating.
Every day is better that the previous.
And he's such a perfect guy.. so undersanding, so gorgeous, so intelligent, so funny, so perfect for me!

Monday morning, I was happy to go to school because I'd see him.
Cindy and I had to go together because I was the older one and I have to protect her and Callum.
Thank God, she isn't at the same school where I am, but her school is pretty close to mine, so that's not so good.
As I walked with her to the school gates, I saw Austin coming from the corner.
Nobody in my family knew I had a boyfriend. I was afraid that if I'd tell my mum or dad, they wouldn't allow me to see him again. Only my friends knew. Now I understood why they all loved spending time with them and they enjoyed talking about them.
Very addicting. It was different with Zack. He pretty much didn't care about me so it wasn't such a big difference if I was his girlfriend or not.
As I let Cindy enter the school, I felt someone grabbing my hand, making me turn around.
He kissed me that wonderful kiss that made me forget to breathe.
'Hey, beautiful', he greeded me.
'Hey, handsome', I replayed, enjoying his game.
We went to school holding hands. I didn't care if the world was going to crash. I cherished every moment with him. He was everyting for me.

After school ended, he hugged me and gave me a kiss on the forhead.

What I didn't know was that Cindy saw us.

On our way home she asked me :
'So, what's his name?' her voice sounded evil.
'What are you talking about?' I asked her.
'You know what I mean, the guy you kissed's name'
'Huh? How.. Wha-'
'And I'm going to tell mum', she said with a smirk.
'If you do I swear I will..'
'You will what? You can't do anything, I have dad and mum on my side' she said, sticking her tongue out.

So I had nothing to do.
I hoped mum wasn't going to kill me.

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