Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 17

When I got home, I went to the kitchen where I knew mum would be. She was cutting some herbs on the chopping board.
'Oh hey Claudia! Anything wrong? Seems like you've ran all the way home,' she said, concerned.
'Mum... Uhm I've got a boyfriend,' I blurted out. She stopped what she was doing, turned around to look at at me. I could tell she was thinking what to say. At last she said:
'What's his name?' she asked, like it was totally normal.
'He's Austin', I felt butterflies in my stomach when I said his name.
'Oh, Mrs Robson's son, right? I heard he is a nice boy but...' she stopped at the last word.
'But what?',what could possibly be wrong about him?
'Darling I know you love him but the mistake I made, you'll do the same,' she explained. I didn't know what to say. I stomped upstairs to my bedroom. But I couldn't get any privacy there as Cindy was there. I tried fighting back the tears.

She looked up at me. And smirked. I swear one day I'll do something to her that I will never regret.
'Don't f*cking say anything,' I warned. I turned around and wiped a tear that escaped. She chuckled. I felt the surge of anger.
'Heh', she came to me and wispered:' I always win, sis'.


Ugh, sisters aren't like that.
I didn't want her around me.
I ran downstairs and slammed the door.

Austin was right where we always meet up. I ran into his arms. And let out a huge sob.
'What happened, sweety?' ,his innocent voice asked me.
I looked in his eyes and a part of the saddness was gone. Soon enough, I wasn't going to enjoy his intense green eyes anymore.
I sobbed again. I hid my face in his shirt.
I wasn't going to live without him.

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