Saturday, 11 April 2009


I had everything a girl wanted, perfect hair; perfect nose; perfect size; perfect boyfriend and a perfect loving home.
Often, I hear girls whispering about me. Well bitching about me.
'That Claudia... She thinks she soo perfect, you know? I mean just because her boyfriend is like one of the most liked guys in our year, she thinks shes all it..'
'Claudia? That slut? Pfft she thinks shes just perfect.'
'Haha I know! When she realises how she's not perfect, she'll totally beg people to hang out with her. You know, I think Zack's cheating on her.'
Well I never listened to them. Thought they were jealous. Oh how wrong I was. Little did I know my world was going to crash into small pieces sooner or later..

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"I really love you too. I'll miss you like hell when you go abroad :' Goodnight babe - sweet dreams!

Love you lots more,
from Zack

I gasped. How could this be? I checked when it was sent. 24th March - 9:53pm. My eyes felt as if they were being pricked with a pin. I couldn't believe her eyes.

My boyfriend was cheating on her.

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