Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 14

I sat there, staring at the ceiling.
Later, I herd some more shouting downstairs. I covered my ears and closed my eyes to stop the cruel reality. I fell asleep.
Next morning, I got up and hoped my parents would be at least calm. When I got in the kitchen, I saw there just Callum.
'She's gone', he said simply. I knew what he ment. Mum moved house.
'What about dad?', I asked him, even tho I didn't really care.
'At work', he told me.
I felt bad for both of them.
For Callum because he deserved much better. He was a nice boy, that loved everything around him, until the two most precious things in the world broke. His youthful happiness... all destroyed and put up with unforgivable sorrows.
And for dad because a simple mistake ruined all his life. The miracle of birth didn't make him happy. He didn't want me. He didn't want me to be born. To exist. To be his responsability.

I ran to Austin. I was glad I had him. Such an understanding person, such a beautiful figure.
After I told him about my mum he hugged my tightly.
It felt nice.
You didn't have the need to break the silence. It was a perfect moment.
Quiet and nice.
'Sooner or later, things will get better, I promise', he told me with a sincere smile.
It reminded me of the promise I made to my brother.
I broke it.
'Don't promise. I don't want you to break your promises', I told him, looking down.
'I'm sure this one is going to happen', he said with his melodic voice.
Then I saw Zack, watching us, still hugging. Well actually, he was stalking.
I smirked.

He was jelaous of us. The corners of my lips curved up, with pleasure.
He missed me.
I wanted to make him suffer.
I kissed Austin on his cheek.
'Thanks for your enormous help, Austin', I said, with a little shade of blush on my cheeks.
'Y-You're welcome', he said, while blushing with hundred of shades.
I could feel Zack's eyes on me. Hah, he can miss me as much as he can, I'm not taking him back.

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