Sunday, 12 April 2009

Chapter 6

I went to bed, still frightened. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. The image of my dad beating my mum was stuck in my head. Why, why did they get married if they don't love each other? Now they're stuck with me and my little brother.
I wish I was never born. At least I wouldn't live this nightmare.
Tears started to fall down on my cheeks as I fell asleep. Hours later, I woke up. Mm.... I got thirsty.. I went down the stairs in the kitchen to grab a glass of water.
Mom was sitting on a chair, crying.
'Mom, what happened?' I asked her, even though I knew the answer. I hoped I'd comfort her a bit.
'Nothing, sweety. I'm alright', she said, while tears of sorrow came. She smiled weakly, to look like nothing happened.
I wasn't thirsty anymore. The sadness took it away. I drank some water anyway, to have a motivation why I woke up. I saw dad in the living room. He was watching TV with a beer in his hand. It made me feel guilty, even tho I wasn't.
Mum wiped out the tears and took my hand. She took me to bed and kissed me goodnight.

Yeah, my life is wonderful.

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