Monday, 13 April 2009

Chapter 8

So, yea. I was stuck ... Next question:

' What's the name of Henry the VIII's first wife?'

Wife, huh... Marriage. It reminded me of my mum and dad again. The horrible night my mum endures and the terrible behaviour my dad takes.
I turned back to reality. I just couldn't remember her name. I skipped this question too, hoping that I would concentrate more at the next tasks.
I was wrong.
Everything gravitated through my problems. Great, now I was going to get a bad mark at what I was the best at school too. Oh, how wonderful.
After the horrible test ended, I ran to my friends to tell them about my problems. I was sure they'd understand.
Or would they?
I wanted to give it a try. Their boyfriends didn't change them that much, right?

'Hey girls', I smiled shyly, like it was the first time I talked to them.
'Oh, hey Claudia. We were just planning a double date, well actually a triple date. Izzy just told us that Justin asked her out' , said Brenda, full of joy.
'Wow, that's great news', I lied.
I felt my voice cracking like something inside me broke.
I was really furious now. I was the only one left without a boyfriend.
'So, what have you been up to?', asked Emily, with a smile shining on her face.
'Actually, I am pretty sad. My parents got in a really serious fight last night. As if that wasn't enough, I thing I will fail at the history test. I couldn't concentrate enough. And me and Zack breaking up...'
'Oh, c'mon! Don't be so emo about it! It happens to everyone once in a life time,' said Izzy.
'Yeah, this shouldn't make you feel upset; it could be worse,' said Emily.
'I... I think you're right, ' I lied. It didn't feel any better. I guess I was waiting for too much emotional support.
They didn't understand me.
I was wrong bout my friends. Maybe I was too optimistic.

So... what am I going to do now?...

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  1. I feel Claudia completely on the friend situation.

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