Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chapter 2

As I walked towards the bench, I saw Zack staring at another girl. I sighed. I hate love and I hate boys. After I do this, I am going to turn into a nun. Then I'd never get hurt again.

When I got behind Zack, I coughed. He turned around, smile and gave me a warm hug. But it didn't feel like it. As he did that, I caught the smell of his cologne. I used to love that scent. But now it reeks.
'So what's the matter Claudia?' Zack asked, letting go of me, 'Why did you want to meet up?' I looked into his eyes and there I saw it. In his eyes, I did not see my reflection yet another girl's. That was when summoned the courage and told him.
'It's over,' I said. And with that I sighed a huge relief. Did it feel so good or what! Next thing I did was turn around and walk away. Well that was what I was planning to do but Zack caught my hand.

'No way are you leaving without telling me why you are breaking up with me,' I could feel the anger in his voice. Why is he angry? It's me that has been cheated on.
'I don't think I should tell you as you should already know,' I replied. Zack blankly stared at me. Ok I couldn't help it but laugh. Laugh all the pain away, laugh all the anger away and mostly laugh at his stupidity.
'How idiotic do you think I am Zack? Don't you know I'd find out you were cheating on me sooner or later?' I growled at him. 'Didn't,' I paused,' you think that what you did would affect me this way? Didn't you stop and think about your girlfriend, me, for a minute?' Zack dropped my hand. At that moment he opened his mouth and closed it again. I took it as a chance to escape from him. I looked at him once more with a look of disgust and walked away.

When I got home I called Emily up. My best friend ever. I could always trust her to be there for me and help me get through huge problems. I waited impatiently for her to pick up. 'Come on... Come on...'
'Hi Claudia! I was about to call you to tell you something,' her cheerful voice echoed through my mobile.
'Emily... I've broken up with Zack.'

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