Saturday, 11 April 2009

Chapter 3

I heard a short intake of breath.
'Oh my Jackwardse! I knew he was a jerk from the start... Are you alright Claudia?' Emily pretty much screamed.
'Yeah, I'm fine. Listen, can I come over to yours now?' I asked.
'Sure!' and that was that. I went over to Emily's house.

'And then right after that, he kissed me. He really is good at kissing! I swear I felt as if I was melting.. Right, so we were kissing for like 10 minutes and when we stopped, he asked me out. Obviously I said yes. I mean c'mon, I've been in love with him as soon as I set eyes on him!' Emily exclaimed. I was over at her house and for the last hour she had been talking about her new boyfriend, Chris, non-stop. Was I like her when I was with Zack? I wondered if I should ask her but I kept on thinking. Alright, maybe she is getting annoying. Honestly, can anyone get some sympathy around here? I have been cheated on you know. But no.

I smiled and nodded. 'Your lucky, I'm happy for you.'
'Thanks! Do you know what he said about me? It was so sw-' and right at that moment my ringtone came into action.
'If you say jump, I'd ask how high, I geuss I'm just mad in love with you.' I made a quick self note to change my ringtone. The caller name flashed. It was Brenda, another best friend of mine. Thank god, I can escape from Emily ranting on about Chris.
'Hey Brenda, sup?' I said whilst Emily was still talking, apparantly not noticing I was on the phone.
'Claudia, you won't geuss what! I met this really hot guy in my mum's yoga class. And after the class was over, he asked me if I wanted to have a drink, then afterwards we swapped numbers. But then we stood there awkwardly then he lent over and kissed me! I mean he kissed mee. The freak that can't get with nobody. I got kissed! And by a hot guy as well..' she gabbled through the phone. Oh great. Oh bloody great. Another one that's going to talk forever about her guy.
'Wow Brenda! Good for you girl!' I tried faking to be happy for her but I think I failed.
'Yeah I gotta go now, I'll tell you the rest at school tomorrow,' and she hung up, not noticing that I sounded sarcastic. I looked up, Emily was staring at me.
'What?' I asked.
'Who was it?' she asked.
'Oh, it was Brenda. She's got a sort-of guy,' I replied.
'Oh my Jackwardse! Do you think we could like have a double date? That would be totally awesome!' she fantasized.

Mhm.. Seems like the world gets all lovey dovey when I'm not..

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